PPRC Pipes

Alpha Pipe Industries (Pvt) Limited Leading manufacturer of PVC, HDPE and PPR piping Systems  for the wide range of applications.

ALPHA PPRC piping systems are used in

  • Potable water supply installation inside residential complexes, independent houses, hotels, hospitals and chemical laboratory etc.
  • Industrial water transmission application that required to transport hot or cold water at pressure.
  • Under-floor heating, boiling and radiator connections or wall cooling and heating systems.
  • Swimming pools and their water filtration systems
  • Piping networks in various fields like Agriculture, Chemical transferring in the industries etc.


  • Extremely long life of at least 50 year.
  • No limitation to ph value of water (no corrosion). Taste and odor neutral.
  • Bacteriologically neutral.
  • Homogeneous joints
  • Excellent weldability
  • Good impact strength
  • Good Chemical resistance
  • Low tendency to incrustations.


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