Electrical Conduit and Power Duct products

ALPHA Electrical Conduit and Power Duct products are suitable for power line and other electrical systems.

ALPHA offers a complete line of Electrical Conduit and Power Duct pipe that includes  Schedule 40 and 80 Conduit (NEMA TC-2, ANSI/UL651), Encased and Direct Burial Conduit (ASTM F512, NEMA TC-6; and/or ANSI/UL 651A), and Type C Telephone Duct. The products may be used for above-ground and underground installations, concrete encasements, and direct burials, as well as telephone applications. They are available in 1⁄2- to 6-inch diameters, in 10- and/or 20-foot lengths, with one bell end, and come in gray.  The solvent-weld joints are designed to provide a rigid (or restrained) joint connection, and the schedule-rated products are specifically engineered for use in partial support systems above ground.  A complete line of Schedule 40 and 80, utility duct and junction box fittings complements the conduit products.

  •   ALPHA Electrical Conduit and Power Ductproducts are lightweight, cost-effective and long-lasting.
  •   They can be field-cut with a power saw or ordinary handsaw without the use of expensive or complicated machinery.
  •   Easy to load, transport and handle, installers prefer them because they go into the ground quickly, saving installation costs.
  •  They maintain performance against external galvanic soil conditions without lining wrapping, coating or cathodic protection, and offer superior dielectric strength.

ALPHA Electrical Conduit can be utilized in any utility application where solvent-weld PVC conduit is used.

ALPHA Electrical Conduit features a spline-locking system that requires no cementing or fusion welding.  Its design lends itself to open trench construction as well as horizontal direction drilling. Available in 4-, 5- and 6-inch diameters and 20-feet lengths, its standard Schedule 40 dimensions offer ease of use with solvent-welded Schedule 40 fittings.

ALPHA Electrical Conduit offers many advantages over traditional products.

  • Electrical Conduit provides high pulling capacity with maximum joint connection.
  •   An insertion line at the spigot end makes for easier alignment.
  • Totally corrosion-free, it provides a strong watertight joint. Its chamfered spigot end makes for easy assembly, plus it’s easy to disassemble for reuse.

ALPHA Electrical Conduit Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC rigid nonmetallic conduit is designed and produced for use in both above-ground and underground installations.


•  Highest quality control standards.

•  Compliance to ANSI/ul 651 and NEMA Tc-2.

•  Rated for use with 90 º c conductors.

•  Light weight.

•  Ultraviolet protection.

•  High impact and deformation properties.

•  Solvent cemented joints.

•  Superior dielectric strength.

•  Smooth solid wall.

•  Easy installation

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